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About Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald

The magazine “Eurasian Financial & Economic Herald” (HERALD) was launched in 2016.
In 2019 the HERALD was registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (reg. number is ПИ № ФС77-75043 dd. 19.02.2019).
The founders of the magazine are Financial & Banking Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation (FBA EAC) and the International Banking Council (IBC).
The HERALD is a multidisciplinary edition covering various business areas. It is a platform for consideration of the hottest financial and economic issues, for open discussions and free opinions delivery. The magazine is focused on the development of active and efficient communications within scientific and professional society, on the creation of conditions for integration of current achievements of economic science and effective business. Besides the HERALD is a source of aesthetic, intellectual joy with bright photo projects and illustrations, interesting and diverse popular scientific articles.
The mission of the magazine is to support the entrepreneurs in their attempts to analyze the current events in economy and finance, in their search for new forms and methods of business.
The readers can find exclusive interviews with the leaders of Eurasian countries and unions, the main entrepreneurs, as well as analytical articles, expert comments, financial and economic statistics.
The publication will be useful both for business society and non-specialist readers, who are interested in the challenges of economic development, the build-up of the single Eurasian economic space, in the conjunction development of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Economic Belt Silk Road, in the concurrent integration processes in Europe and Asia.
The HERALD is issued in Russian and English.   Read the media kit here
The magazine is distributed in 25 countries of the world. You can find the electronic version on websites of the editor, the founders and their partners which ensures a 24/7 access to the materials of the HERALD from any part of the world. The magazine is presented at the most important forums on finance and economy.
The Editorial board includes 24 members – heads of banking and sectoral associations of Eurasia, the leading businessmen from Europe, Asia, Africa.
The Head of editorial board is Alexander Murychev.
The editorial board accepts materials and advertising modules to place in the magazine on a payable basis. You can find terms in our media kit.
The terms for the General sponsor of a certain issue are discussed separately. 


The schedule of the magazine in 2020:

№ 09 (1) 2020 — 05.03.2020
№ 10 (2) 2020  — 05.06.2020
№11 (3) 2020 — 05.10.2020
№ 12 (4) 2020 — 25.12.2020

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