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» » » 22-29th, September - International exhibition of food products WorldFood Moscow

22-29th, September - International exhibition of food products WorldFood Moscow

29th International exhibition of foodstuffs WorldFood Moscow will be held

September 22-25, 2020 in Crocus Expo IEC.

WorldFood Moscow is Russia's largest autumn exhibition of world-class foodstuffs and beverages from 65 countries and 40 Russian regions.

Participants of the exhibition are food producers and suppliers - 1 762 companies from 65 countries and 58 Russian regions.

64 national expositions have chosen WorldFood Moscow to demonstrate their products. For many of them, WorldFood Moscow is the main export platform in Russia for signing advantageous contracts with buyers of leading product chains and representatives of wholesale companies.

Russia is represented by about 500 companies both producers and distributors of food products from more than 40 Russian regions.

Exhibition sections: fruits and vegetables; confectionery and bakery products; groceries; fish and seafood; frozen foods, semi-finished products and finished cooking; canned foods; fat and oil products and sauces; dairy products and cheeses; meat; poultry; eggs; tea and coffee; alcoholic beverages; soft drinks; healthy food; halal; Non-food.

Tasting contest "Product of the Year"

The professional tasting competition is held by an independent expert commission, which includes leading industry specialists. The aim of the competition is to announce the best quality food products and raw materials for their production, presented on the Russian market.

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Contact: Anastasia Kirichenko, +7 (926) 475-90-23

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