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Swiss banks – interesting facts

The banks of this Alpine country have long reinforced concrete fame as the most reliable in the world. In 1815 the Congress of Vienna took the guarantee of the neutrality of the country of Switzerland. Since then she has not participated in any war in the world and its banking credit organization has never been robbed. However, even when Ludvika XVI one of the Swiss bankers – Jacques Necker was so steep that became the first person of the Finance Ministry neighboring France!
The argument in favor of the reliability and transparency of the banks of this country is pretty simple: they simply can not become bankrupt, as they do not participate in high-risk financial transactions. At the moment private commercial banks in Switzerland more than 400. In them is fabulous sum – over 49 000 000 000 000 Swiss francs.

Recently, one of the Swiss Bank “Cartonal” audited unclaimed accounts and found an open account in the name of…. Vladimir Ulyanov (!!), is all well-known leader of the Soviet proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On account of his lies only 13 francs. Another interesting point is that according to the British foreign office, Swiss banks hold at the moment, the gold reserve of the Nazis in the amount of about 3-4 billion U.S. dollars.

The confidentiality of banking information Swiss banks guarantee under the Bank secrecy act, adopted in 1713.

This post is also available in Russian: Швейцарские банки — интересные факты