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Business meeting with representatives of French business

On June 20, 2018 in the building of the RSPP was held a multilateral business meeting with representatives of French business.

France was represented by M. Jean-Marie LE GUEN - Adviser to the President of SIACI, M. Martin FERTE - Executive director of SIACI, M. Emmanuel QUIDET -President of the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce, M. Jérôme CLAUSEN, General Director - CTI ADVISORY.

From the RSPP the meeting was attended by Alexander Murychev – Executive Vice-President of RSPP, Vyacheslav Mochalov – Councilor of the RSPP, Anatoly Drantusov - Managing Director of the Center for Bilateral Cooperation of the RSPP.

FBA EAC was represented by Oleg Berezovoy – General Director of FBA EAC and Arseniy Vinogradov – General Director of Legal Center Euro-Asian Cooperation.

From the insurance market of Russia in the negotiations participated Andrey Yuryev – Executive Vice-President of the All-Russian Insurance Association, Anastasia Malenik - Assistant to the President of the All-Russian Insurance Association for International Cooperation, Nikolay Galushin - President of the Russian National Reinsurance Company.

In the welcome speech A. Murychev greeted the French businessmen, noting that today both sides are equally interested in restoring economic, political and cultural relations between Russia and France.

In his presentation, Mr. Jean-Marie le Guen briefly described the SIACI insurance group, whose activities are based on various types of insurance, as well as on management, consulting and brokerage services in Europe, Africa, China and the UAE.

M. Martin Ferte focused on such non-traditional types of insurance as health insurance traveling abroad, maritime insurance, in particular logistics, insurance in construction, insurance of risks associated with the use of nuclear energy (occupy a leading position in this direction in Europe), insurance of financial risks, cybersecurity.

In return, Andrey Yuryev, Executive Vice-President of the ARIA, gave a brief information on the status of the modern insurance market in Russia, telling about the existing opportunities for participation in it for foreign partners.  

President of the RNRC Nikolay Galushin shared hit vision of the state of the Russian insurance market and prospects for cooperation.


Summing up the meeting Alexander Murychev noted that the development of mutually beneficial cooperation and the active entry of the French insurance business into Russia will promote effective industry competition and will also help to revive the insurance market of the country.