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» » Corona virus and the situation in Russia and abroad Informational Digest from May 29, 2020

Corona virus and the situation in Russia and abroad Informational Digest from May 29, 2020

Corona virus Resistance Council of RSPP

 Dynamic in Russia and abroad

As of 18:00 on May 29, the number of people suffering from corona virus infection in the world is 5.84 million (+122.8 thousand for the last day), the number of people who recovered - 2.44 million, the number of deaths - 361.1 thousand).

In Russia the total number of illnesses was 387.623 (+8.572 in the last day). The largest number of infected cases in Moscow was 175.829 (+2.332 in the last day). There were 37.503 cases of infection in Moscow Region, 15.215 in St. Petersburg, 9.244 in Nizhny Novgorod Region, 4.923 in Sverdlovskaya Region and 4.704 in the Republic of Dagestan. The number of people infected in the other regions is less than 4.500 each. The total number of people who have recovered to date is 159.257 and the number of deaths is 4.374.

Economic summary

The last trading session of the week and the whole month the world's stock exchanges are held with a prevailing pessimistic mood.

American stock indices showed a decline by 0.2-0.6% on the eve amid reports that President of the U.S.A. D.Trump intends to hold a press conference on China. There were no dynamics on Asian stock exchanges this morning. European stock indices in the afternoon show descending movement, losing 0.1-0.8%.

Oil prices are going down today.

The Russian ruble is moderately weakening amid the negative dynamics of raw materials. Trading on domestic stock exchanges is held on negative territory.

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation provided a report on business activity in April 2020.

 Media Event Analytic

To date the overall level of growth of articles related to corona virus remains.

Of the important ones it is worth mentioning a 12% drop in Russia's GDP, a 40% increase in the share of overdue microloans, and a possible 3-fold increase in unemployment in the country during the severe crisis. The Central Bank has created two new departments and the epidemic may extend the amendment plebiscite for several days. The UAE has been notified of a cut in supplies of all varieties of oil as part of OPEC+ deal. The general mood in the news background may be considered negative.

 Public procurement of medicines

109.826 contracts on drugs worth187.17 billion were concluded from February 1 to May 28, 2020. This is 7.097 contracts less, but 18.71 billion more than in the same period in 2019.

The share of state contracts on medicines from February 1, 2020 concluded through purchases from a single supplier, is 19.73% of all state contracts on medicines and 4.81% of all state contracts on medicines.