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Elected FBA EAC President

президент.jpg              On August 10, 2022, the Extraordinary General Meeting of the FBA EAC members elected Mr. LI SHUOBING, the founder and head of SLC-Rus Corporation, as the President of the FBA EAC.

The President of the FBA EAC Li Shuobing outlined in his speech the following program goals:

  • establishing and strengthening business ties between the West and the East, forming a new model of international cooperation;
  • deepening trade and logistics cooperation in Eurasia within the framework of the international initiative of the People's Republic of China "One Belt, One Road";
  • assistance in the development of international projects in the field of culture and science;
  • deepening ties between the countries of presence of the FBA EAC in the field of medicine, education and art;
  • implementation of multilateral investment engineering, expert and other projects aimed at strengthening the development of Eurasian cooperation;
  • organization and holding of significant international events in the interests of the members of the FBA EAC and popularization of the Association.

Li Shuobing was born on July 1, 1971 in China.
In 1996 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, in 1997 Mr. Li defended his master's thesis at the East Siberian Institute of Economics and Law.
In 2001, Mr. Li founded the company SLC-Rus, which began with the provision of logging services. In this segment, SLC-Rus quickly gained a leading position in the Russian market, ahead of such a giant as Halliburton Corporation.
Currently, SLC-Rus is a group of companies with various structural divisions.
A separate area of Li Shuobing's activity is the popularization of Chinese traditional medicine. Since 2015, Mr. Li has been engaged in the development of relations between scientific institutions in terms of studying the basics of this direction. In March 2015, the first ‘Nature of Life’ clinic was opened in Moscow.  This event was supported by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Embassy in Moscow, and academic structures of China. The practice was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and the clinic itself operates in compliance with Russian standards.
Li Shuobing's company supports bilateral business exchange among the entrepreneurial and technological community, the organization of international exhibitions and forums, and also advocates for strengthening humanitarian cooperation in the cultural, academic and medical circles of the Eurasian countries.