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The availability of resources for your achievements

 About us:

We are a like-minded group of highly professionals experienced in the field of international HR-service. Our main target is to meet our clients’ demands.

We provide our clients with international platform for their own HR-technologies development and systematic low risk development of regional labor markets with a total population of more than 3 billion people.

Regional HR-experts in collaboration with us will have an opportunity of international recognition as participants of network-centric staffing services in Eurasian space.

Our basic principle

Fundamental organizational and ideological principle of Eurasian Center of Human Resources, hereinafter referred to as the Center, in the interests of Eurasian economic space participants is focused on creation and support of network-centric HR services, providing:

ü  conditions for cooperation and mutual understanding of international business projects participants (rapprochement and standartization of staff requirements, quality of trainings, characteristics of intra-corporate social community);

ü  minimization of clients dependence from service and consulting companies with unobvious friendliness;

ü  аll necessary HR-technologies;

ü  development of human capital, minimization of personnel-related problems, loyalty maintenance and employee involvement.

As the result, the Center clients can focus their efforts on strategic directions, without being distracted by non-core functions.

 Center strategic goals:

  • consolidation of Eurasian space HR-communities around clients’ interests for the purposes of their progressive and advanced development;
  • support of transparency and convertibility of national labor markets in order to create Eurasian labor market;
  • participation in the rapprochement process of regional labor laws in interests of our clients businesses;
  • providing our customers with network-centric services and products equal to or surpassing in terms of quality and product range traditional world suppliers of HR services and consulting.

 Main Center activities:

  • strategic monitoring of Eurasia labor markets;
  • rating and mapping of companies effectiveness human resources management, determination and expansion of effective practices, sharing experience in the field of human resources management;
  • creation of independent cross-border network for complex consulting and service support in HR sphere;
  • assistance to clients in cross-cultural management standards and professional activities development, recruitment and staff development, creation of international staff training centers to meet clients’ interests;
  • provision with selection, testing and evaluation of staff;
  • establishment of contacts with national authorities, defense and law enforcement agencies and commercial structures;
  • creation of experts pool able to work efficiently in an international environment, ensure rapid adaptation of migrant workers and expatriates in accordance to the national labor markets conditions and the employer’s corporate culture specific;
  • minimization of participants business entities expenses of non-core functions based on a friendly customer-oriented outsourcing, providing participants with competitive price and quality services based on the standartization and scaling of effective solutions;
  • assistance to clients in creation of internal corporate social networks and support institutions and development of their social capital;
  • creation and support of team management and individual performance technologies including in international teams;
  • creation of the balanced approaches to clients intangible assets management and resources of mutually beneficial usage.

 Сontact information:

Беспалов.jpgChairman Coordination Council – Andrey Bespalov

Phone: +7 (926) 571-11-97   E-Mail:

General director – Alexey Vodyanoy

Phone: +7 (915) 167-78-60   E-Mail:

Executive secretary – Alena Shubina

Phone: +7 (916) 856-07-72    E-Mail: