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Facts about loans

- In Ancient India legitimate lender could deception to deprive the borrower of all property. This law was only for the lower castes.
- In Ancient Egypt, if the borrower’s failure to repay his loan he got to prison or become a slave to the lender.
- In Ancient Rome for the debt on the borrower’s loan was thrown in debtor’s prison, giving the redemption period in a month, and then exported to the market of slaves.

Although the country’s most eternal banks called Switzerland, the first Bank was opened in Venice somewhere in 1584. In countries that had an international trade route, and was the first Bank buildings. UK – the first Bank opened in 1694 for loans in the commercial-industrial system, the Netherlands is the first Bank appeared in 1609 – country pioneers, but in the end the Alpine state became a leader in the banking services, even not having easy access to the sea. A paradox, but a fact.

The term “Bank” (translated from the Italian banco), means “bench” or “table” with a small change coins.

The first Bank in Switzerland was officially registered in the mid-19th century.
Financial prosperity of this country was at the time of religious unrest that shook Europe. Rich Huguenots who fled from France, acquired in Geneva lost the house and began to create the financial centre of Europe.
1815 notable for the fact that the Congress of Vienna was approved guarantees the neutrality of the Alpine country of Switzerland. And so happened that Switzerland never participated in military confrontations and its banks knew nothing of the robbery.

Fascinating facts about banks:

Today, Switzerland has about 400 commercial banks with accounts with a total of 52 trillion dollars.
- The British foreign office has stated many times that Alpine banks closed the gold the Nazis no less than $ 4 billion.
- Pope Alexander III declared all bankers outside and against the Church in the year 1179. The banker could not confess, receive Holy communion and even to be buried as a Christian had no right. By the way, this law has not been canceled.
In Saudi Arabia, namely in Riyadh has several banks with employees only female. This is an opportunity to realize women are not transgress the laws of Islam.

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