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VII Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum "Great Eurasia in search of new forms and directions of cooperation" was held on 27 November, 2020 by video conference. The format of the Forum was presented by the Plenary session and three parallel industry panels, which enabled participants to listen to the speeches professionally interesting speakers, moving from one panel to another.
  The President of FBA EAC, President of GC «Rustitan» Anatoly Tkachuk, opened the work of the industry panel.
On behalf of the Forum organizers, he welcomed the participants. In his speech A. Tkachuk welcomed the participants. He noted that representatives of the business community of Eurasian companies show significant interest in business cooperation in various industries. The problem, which may limit our possibilities on the way in this direction, is the difference in technological readiness of enterprises, systems and management methods used by them. The latter raises the problem of making balanced management decisions at each level of the enterprise management. A possible solution to this problem is the widespread use of digital technology, which allows us to provide the enterprise with an integrated automation system, providing an opportunity to manage the enterprise as a single organism.
The need for digital transformation, in addition to the global strategy of development of Eurasian companies, is due to the requirements of natural competition. The undeniable advantages that the enterprise gets as a result of digital transformation, expressed in the safety and efficiency of production activities, ensuring the quality of products and as a result of reducing costs and prime costs are decisive for business.
This opens great opportunities on the way to expansion of joint production and creation of Eurasian companies.

In this work, the Financial and Business Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation can become a reliable information bridge, allowing to widely use the experience accumulated by its members.
The moderator of the first panel session was Alexander Kotlyarskiy - Vice-President of the FBA EAC, General Director of LLC "Promtex", PhD in Technical Sciences, whose scientific works are well known to specialists involved in the implementation of digital technologies.
The following issues were discussed during the session: Which spheres and projects are the most attractive for the formation of Eurasian companies? The role of digital transformation in the development of production and services. Are solutions for digitalization of processes able to lead to increased efficiency and safety of mining production? Digitalization and artificial intelligence in the management of mining production processes, is there a market demand for such technology, which areas of production require the introduction of such technologies in the first place?
  Nikolay Abramov - Member of the Board of Directors of "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel" PJSC, PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor.
In his speech he noted that one of the main conditions for the transition to a digital economy, the need for which was approved by President Decree № 203 of 09.05.2017 in the strategy for the development of the information society in Russia in 2017-2030, is the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises that form the basis of the economy. The dynamic development of digital technologies has become a factor in our lives.
  The discussion with the report on the main directions of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises in modern conditions was opened by Oleg Letiev - Director of the Department of automation of production processes, LLC "Promtex", PhD in Technical Sciences.
In his speech he focused on the conceptual issues of building a control system of modern industrial enterprise. It was noted that digital transformation has many advantages and in modern conditions is inevitable to maintain the competitive ability of the enterprise.
  Alexander Poznyakevich, business development manager of Kaspersky Lab., continued the discussion with a speech. In his speech, he noted that the widespread introduction of digital technologies in the tasks of industrial enterprise management creates additional risks that must be taken into account. Cyber-crimes in industrial production are becoming a harsh reality. This problem is especially urgent in solving the tasks of the Eurasian integration.
  Alksey Samoshilov - Head of Business Unit "Industrial Service" DI CS, SIEMENS Digital Industries made a report on how leading European companies see the development of digital transformation process. In his speech, he focused on the prospects of digital technology implementation on the example of mining industry enterprises.
  The importance of an integrated approach to solving the fundamental problems faced by enterprises on the way to digitalization, developed in his speech Vadim Antonov - Deputy Director for work with key customers of "Promtex" LLC, PhD in Economy. In his speech, he focused on the issues of digital transformation as one of the aspects of assessment of investment attractiveness, strategic development and asset management of financial and industrial groups, industry standards base and benchmarking.
  Grigoriy Fedotov, Head of the Department at Maicromine Rus, spoke about the introduction of mining and geological information systems at mining companies.
Forum participants listened with great interest to the report on the application of modern digital technologies to improve the efficiency of mineral deposit development.
  The discussion program of the Forum, besides consideration of fundamental issues of digital transformation, included consideration of issues of information support of digital management systems of industrial enterprises. Within the framework of the session the participants of the Forum were able to get acquainted with modern digital measuring instruments, which are an integral part of any modern control system.
Dmitry Tausenev - Director of Sympatec GmbH Representative office in the Russian Federation, CIS, Baltic States and Mongolia, and Alexander Trofimychev - Business Development Director of "Vega Instruments" Ltd. were devoted to this direction.
Oksana Grobovets, HR Director of RNG JSC, told the Forum participants about social aspects of digitalization. In her speech she highlighted several main vectors of motion:
-   Introduction of electronic document circulation of personnel documents at the company level, the transition to electronic employment records of employees, the digitalization of the entire chain of documents;
- Medical institution - employee - employer - FSS, which will allow more rapid payment of benefits, eliminate the falsification of sick leaves, reduce the number of employees processing sick leaves at all stages.
These measures lead to optimization of HR-processes both in the field of labor organization and in the financial area.
  Concluding the work of the first panel session, moderator Alexander Kotlyarskiy noted the significant interest of the Forum participants to the issues that were raised during the discussions. "Representatives of more than 32 countries became our listeners. Such a result suggests that the business communities of Eurasian companies show significant interest in business cooperation in various industries.
Based on this conceptual approach, we, in the panel session, focused on the issues of digital transformation of industrial enterprises, which are the foundation for the implementation of the concept "Industry 4.0", - said A. Kotliarskiy.
Also in conclusion, he expressed the hope that "very soon, we will be able to continue our contacts in the field of exchanging information about the applied digital technologies of industrial enterprise management, transforming them into modern highly efficient production. The latter opens wide opportunities on the way to expansion of joint production and creation of Eurasian companies".
"Once again, I express my sincere gratitude to all participants of the Panel. I would like to wish you all, at this difficult time, health and success in the implementation of plans," - said A. Kotlyarskiy.