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» » I panel session of the IX Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum

I panel session of the IX Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum


On November 21, within the framework of the IX Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum a panel session «Functioning of food systems in conditions of international instability» was held in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). The panel session was attended by representatives of the business community from 14 countries of Eurasia.
Ruslan Taran, Head of the FBA EAC Representative Office in the Republic of Moldova, moderated the panel session. Li Shuobing, President of FBA EAC, and Alexander Murychev, Chairman of the FBA EAC Executive Board, welcomed the participants.
The working part of the panel session was opened with a report presented by Mary Kenny, Food Safety and Consumer Protection Officer and Regional Initiative Coordinator of Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The speaker reported about global food challenges such as inflation, increasing pressure on resources, the climate crisis, inter-country conflicts, and the impact of pandemics. To solve the problems, it is not enough to modernize supply chains, but it is necessary to make qualitative changes in different spheres of social life (politics, economy, health, environmental protection).
The discussion on the food security situation in the world was continued by Tudor Afanasov, President of the Chamber for Economic and Cultural Cooperation between Romania and the Russian Federation, Head of FBA EAC Representative Office in the Republic of Romania. The topic of his speech was "Exploring ways to improve sustainability of agri-food systems in Eastern Europe". The speaker outlined the need to create unified mechanisms of regulation and support of agro-industrial enterprises in the region to ensure food security and agricultural development.
In his speech, Valentin Karamzin, General Director of the Russian company «Agromash», focused on the importance of finding technological solutions for sustainable food supply. The speaker stressed the need to develop technological solutions for farmers and small rural households. "Agromash" can offer such solutions, including design documentation.
The discussion was continued by Igor Dubovsky, General Director of «Novye Pishchevye Tekhnologii». The speaker dwelled on the problems of food safety in megacities and ways to ensure the safety of food stocks in warehouses and production enterprises.
Bogomil Georgiev, Head of FBA EAC Representative Office in the Republic of Bulgaria, spoke about the environmental biofertilizers produced by Bulgarian companies «Biohumax» and «EkoTech», which are necessary for sustainable agricultural development and high quality products.
Speaking about the strategic development of the Moldovan wine sector, Radion Turkulets, CEO of the company «Ever Wine», noted the great potential of the Republic of Moldova to provide the market with wine products due to the climate, strategic location and traditions of wine production.
The panel session ended with a presentation by Marina Croitor, representative of VELTLAND. The speaker presented projects in the sphere of ecologically clean technologies for sustainable development of energy security. In particular, projects of water conversion system, closed-type hydroelectric power plants, wastewater treatment system and energy-saving electric boilers were presented.
In his closing remarks, the moderator of the panel session Ruslan Taran spoke about the prospects of Eastern Europe and Moldova, in particular, in ensuring food security in the Eurasian region. Despite the unfavorable socio-political conditions, new opportunities for the development of investment projects in the agro-food sector are emerging, strategies for business development and promotion of products on the international market are developed.
Participants of the panel session unanimously noted the high level of professionalism of the speakers and the relevance of the issues discussed.

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