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International Europe-China Economic and Trade Forum

On May 17-18, 2019 in Shanghai the International Economic and Trade Forum “Europe-China. Trade and economic Cooperation. Yangtze River delta” was held. Why did the organizers call the Forum “Yangtze River delta”? Wel,the population of the region is 80 million people and it accounts for 21% of the Chinese GDP and almost one third of export. It symbolizes an outpost of the Chinese economy, while Shanghai, the leading city of the country, has always been association with the European influence and fashion, a point of contingency of everything new and advanced.

The Forum gathered the representatives of trade and economic circles, finance and administration of Shanghai, Customs authorities.

The Chairman of the Development Committee of trade relations at the Shanghai Government Mr. Yang Chao spoke about new opportunities for the foreign innovation companies and the preferences for the innovation entrepreneurs. In the region of Yangpu there is a special economic zone for the high-technology startups with favorable terms and financing.

Шанхай1 18 мая.jpgAmong the speakers of the Forum was the Head of Representative office of the Financial & Banking Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation (FBA EAC) in China Evgeny Bazhov. Mr. Bazhov presented FBA EAC to the Forum as a dynamic organization and reported about its linking role in the macro-region Eurasia. After that Mr. Bazhov pointed out that FBA EAC is a binding platform which united the financial and banking companies and the business of Eurasia.

FBA EAC is a site for the dialogue and productive collaboration. One of the successful examples of its work is the “Silk Way” UCE which trades commodities and subsoil resources, ensuring safe and guaranteed deals. Since 2019 all the processes have been shifted to blockchain, which is currently being introduced by a Chinese company “Tai Y” and to the multicurrency settlements. There are negotiations with the Chinese part about settlements in RMB.

The Association is also a partner in investment projects and programs and is a pillar for safety and stability for investors. It includes members from 20 countries – financial and banking associations, companies and banks which are involved into infrastructure and commercial projects.

“Obviously it is not the states and companies which carry out business, but people. Personal communication, inner determination and decent behavior are the key to success. A new model – H2H human 2 human – which has existed as long as the mankind itself – that is what will allow us to reduce risks and tenses in the communication between people and consequently the systems,” – said Evgeny Bazhov in conclusion.

In the lobbies Mr. Bazhov and the Head of the Yangpu region together with the Chairman of Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation of China Mrs. Chen discussed the issues of the attraction of Chinese investments to Russian startups and the commercialization of scientific researches.

The agenda of the Forum was discussed by Vice-Consul of the Russian Embassy Evgeniy Gryaznov, Consul General of Serbia Dejan Marinkovich, Consul General of Bulgaria Konstantin Jatev, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Trade of Poland, Portugal, Germany and many other.