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» » On October 05, 2021, the presentation of the new service of the FBA EAC "Deals Platform" took place in the videoconference mode.

On October 05, 2021, the presentation of the new service of the FBA EAC "Deals Platform" took place in the videoconference mode.

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The leadership and members of the Association, Chairmen of Committees and heads of Representative Offices of the FBA EAC from Moldova, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Great Britain, Finland and a number of African countries, attended the event.
Anatoly Tkachuk, President of the FBA EAC, addressed the participants of the round table with an introductory speech. The leitmotif of his speech was the idea of the need to develop and implement information technologies and services in the business environment of the Association.
The moderator of the round table was the General Director of the FBA EAC Oleg Berezovoy. He thanked the participants of the event for their interest in the Deals Platform, noting that over 20 companies had registered as clients of the Platform within 5 days. O. Berezovoy also noted the significant contribution to the implementation of the Business Platform project by Irina Gorbulina, Head of the FBA EAC Representative Office in Australia and New Zealand. Then he gave the right to present the "Deals Platform" to the developers of this service, the company Neuro Lab! Algorithms.
Dmitry Markov, Managing Partner of NL!A, greeted the participants, briefly told about the activities of his company and the Deals Platform project, offering to make a presentation of the work to his colleague, Alexey Kharin, senior partner of NL!A.     
During the presentation, Alexey Kharin demonstrated the interface of the service, explained the main approach of programmers to the distribution of administrator rights and confidentiality. The main sections of the service were also shown, namely:
·         a profile in which users can specify their regions of presence and the industries in which they work, as well as regions of interest to them and industries in which they would like to promote their products and services;
·         advertisements — a section containing the ads of all users of the Platform. The built-in search system allows you to instantly find the necessary information by keywords. In addition, it is possible to filter ads by type and industry.
Additionally, the participants of the round table were explained the logic of search engines when placing ads in the system, the importance of correctly filling in ads and tags (keywords) to them was clearly demonstrated.
After the demonstration of the main part of the system, the focus of the participants' interest shifted to answering questions about the system, its functionality, adaptation to international use and general organizational issues.
During the round table, Boris Miroshnikov, Vice President of the Citadel Company, a member of the Board of the FBA EAC, who positively assessed the presentation and the project as a whole. Alexander Kotlyarsky, General director of PROMTECH, First Vice President of the FBA EAC, noted the importance of this project for the members of the Association and expressed hope for its successful development.