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Evgeny Bazhov, head of the Representative Office of the Financial and Banking Association of the EuroAsian Cooperation in China, SAR Hong Kong and Macao has authored the book “Dark Side of The Chinese Market”. The book is available for purchase on Amazon USA.
About the Author:
Evgeny Bazhov, is an investor, entrepreneur and business coach for the leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Since 2004 he has been living and doing business in China. He speaks Chinese, English, Japanese and Russian and has a deep understanding of Asian culture. Evgeny holds an Executive MBA degree in Business Management. And has authored 3 books about doing business in China, in which he shares his knowledge and experience on the subject of being a foreigner doing business in China.
About the book:
What do you know about doing business in China?
Can you trust Chinese partners?
Is there Corruption in China?
What is the “Bribes culture”?
Problem solving methods in the business in China?
Science of war and trade is the most important thing during the market development. Is it true?
The scope for this book is to educate and enlighten the readers about the dark side of doing business in China through the story and eyes of the Author.
“From my many years of working with international businesses from small to Fortune 200 companies helping them to enter and grow in China, I can tell you China is unique, hard but unimaginably rewarding if you can crack the code and succeed.
The challenge is that most international business executive just don’t understand China. They think it’s just like any international market, but it is not. China’s political system, culture, vastly different digital ecosystem, scale of manufacturing, also the most populated country in the world with hyper competitions makes it arguably the most desirable and difficult market to expand into for international brands.
Too many “China experts and consultants” facade the difficult reality of doing business in China. Worse! Mainstream news, media, and social media only spread the success story and never the failures.
In this book, Author tackles this issue head-on by speaking from his personal experience and heart on the subject of being a foreigner doing business in China.
The guidance, example and step by step instruction are invaluable to anyone in the international business field looking to expand into China.”
  Steven Yang Co founder of Simplify
Premier platform for helping business grow in China
  As worldwide level star coach Marschal Goldsmith said: “experience is a great teacher..... but smart ones learn it second hand!”

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