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» » Russia and China expand economic cooperation (News from the fields of V China International Import Expo 2022)

Russia and China expand economic cooperation (News from the fields of V China International Import Expo 2022)

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On November 10 in Shanghai (PRC) V China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2022 was closed.
SLC-Rus, headed by Li Shuobing, President of Financial and Business Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation presented the products of Russian manufacturers at the stand «Made in Russia» in the section «Food and agro-industrial complex». In partnership with the Russian Export Center JSC (REC) SLC-Rus organized exposition of products of 24 companies from Russia.
It should be said that the main goal of the exhibition is to find potential partners-buyers of agricultural products and, as a result, to increase export volumes from Russia to China.
On November 9 SLC-Rus and 10 Chinese distributors signed cooperation agreements. This once again confirms that China International Import Expo is an effective tool for establishing new and developing old business relationships.
On the sidelines of the exhibition representatives of SLC-Rus signed export contracts with major Russian producers of pasta, farinaceous products, fruit and vegetables deep processing products and Russian ice cream, which is very much liked by the Chinese citizens. Among the largest and best-known companies are «Makfa», «Uvelka», «Dyadya Vanya», and «SMK-Morozhenoe». The amount of the contracts totaled 6 million 600 thousand yuan.
It is important for Chinese partners that the additional guarantee of quality of food products exported from Russia is ensured by «Made in Russia» certification issued by Russian Export Center JSC and awarded to REC residents.
Mr. Li Shuobing pays close attention to comprehensive trade and economic cooperation. On his initiative, SLC-Rus agreed to participate in the REC's tender for national operator status. SLC-Rus won and began cooperating with the REC in April of this year. The company is the national operator of REC throughout China implementing a management program of demonstration and tasting pavilion called «Good Food Russia». You can visit the pavilion and get acquainted with the entire range of products of Russian agro-industrial complex at the following address: Shanghai, 1588-1, office 328-2 Qingpu District, Zhu Guang Lu Street.
Read more about SLC-Rus in the September issue of the Herald:

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