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» » The General Meeting of the Association members on March 3

The General Meeting of the Association members on March 3

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On March 3, 2022, the Annual General Meeting of the Association's members was held at the headquarters of the Financial and Business Association of Eurasian Cooperation at 17 Kotelnicheskaya naberezhnaya. The meeting was held in full-time and correspondence format. The subject of discussion was the results of the Association's work in the past year, new areas of activity for 2022 and rotation in the governing bodies of the Association.
  Anatoly Tkachuk, President of the FBA EAC, opened the General Meeting. He welcomed the participants of the Meeting and in his opening speech noted that despite the economic and political difficulties of 2021 associated with the pandemic, the Association has not only successfully adapted to the new realities, but has grown significantly in quantity and quality. Today, 74 organizations are members of the FBA EAC, 14 of which joined the Association in the reporting year. There are participants from 26 countries of the world. There are Representative offices of the Association or its representatives in 50 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Last year, new representative offices of the FBA EAC were opened in the UAE, the Australian Union, New Zealand, Finland and the UK. Today, the Association has official business contacts in one way or another with representatives of more than 120 countries of the world.
Speaking about the work of the "presidential vertical", Anatoly Tkachuk thanked the Vice-Presidents of the Association Alexander Kotlyarsky and Marat Sagalevich for their active and proactive work. He assessed the work of the Committees of the FBA EAC, told about the profile round tables that, according to everyone, were held at a high professional level with the participation of a wide range of Russian and foreign companies, and also elaborated on the work of the FBA EAC Deals Platform.
  Alexander Murychev, Chairman of the Board of FBA EAC, spoke about the work of the Management Board and the Bureau of the Management Board in the reporting year. In his speech, he noted the high activity of the majority of the Board members, their interest in the development of the Association and maintaining its international image. The subject of discussion of the meetings was not only statutory issues, but also topical topics related to the development of entrepreneurship, the role and place of the FBA EAC in building business communications in the context of a pandemic and sanctions restrictions. It was about new defining factors of the world economy, such as the principles of ESG, as well as the integration of modern information technologies for the development of business cooperation of the participants of the FBA EAC. During the reporting period, by the decision of the Board, a number of heads of the Association and its Representative Offices were awarded Honorary Badges of the FBA EAC. Assessing the work of the Directorate of the Association, A. Murychev noted the high professionalism of the staff of the FBA EAC in organizing and conducting the statutory events of the Association, preparing for the publication of the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald, updating the websites of the FBA EAC, the Herald, the Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum.
  Oleg Berezovoy, FBA EAC Director General, spoke about the work of the FBA EAC Directorate in 2021 and the promising areas of the Association's activities for 2022. He reported on the implementation of the Plan of the main activities of the Association, informed the participants of the meeting that the leadership of the FBA EAC in 2021 took part in over a hundred international forums, round tables and conferences, a number of which the Association was a co-organizer. As part of the promotion of international business cooperation, over 50 business meetings were held with representatives of such countries as France, Italy, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Montenegro, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Libya, UAE, Senegal, Australia, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan.
In order to popularize the FBA EAC, 21 publications were prepared for Russian and international media.
The Director General also thanked the most active authors of the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herlad, summed up the results of the VIII Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum and told about the plans for the preparation of the IX Forum.
Speaking about the results of the competition for the award of the International Public Award "Business Elite of Eurasia" in 2021, Oleg Berezovoy expressed confidence that in the new year the Association will be able to hold an official award ceremony in the usual solemn format.
Summing up the work of the Representative Offices of the FBA EAC, the Director General noted the best. They were heads of Representative Offices in Romania, China, West Africa, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Armenia, Central Federal District (RF).
As part of the provision of advisory, methodological and other assistance to members and partners of the Association, Oleg Berezovoy has put forward a number of initiatives. In particular, today the Association is ready to provide highly professional services in the field of law, personnel audit, financial and banking activities, in the organization of international business communications, to promote the goods and services of members of the Association on the created electronic communication platform "Deals Platform". The members of the Association are large high-tech companies that are also able to provide a wide range of services, conduct expert examinations of projects, give conclusions on them, and assist in implementation.
FBA EAC continues close cooperation with the International Banking Council (IBC), with the relevant committees and commissions of the RSPP, with the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE), with the CIS Financial and Banking Council, with the Association of Central and Eastern European Banks (BACEE), and, more recently, with the UNIDO Center for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation, with which the Association began to build a multifaceted practical work.
"The very word Association implies association, joint work. Only the active participation of everyone, personal interest in the result can breathe life into this organism," Oleg Berezovoy said in conclusion.
  Then the members of the General Meeting heard the report of the Audit Commission, which was delivered by the Chairman of the RC Konstantin Topornin. In his report, he noted that as a result of the audit, the Audit Commission confirmed compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation with the statutory and registration documents of the FBA EAC, all financial and economic transactions, accounting procedures and preparation of accounting statements. In conclusion, the Chairman of the Republic of Kazakhstan informed the participants of the General Meeting that all expenses incurred by the Association correspond to its statutory goals and objectives, no violations were detected in the distribution of funds.
The discussion of the reports of the management of the Association and the Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Association was attended by:
Alexander Kotlyarsky, First Vice President of the FBA EAC
Bakhytbek Bayseitov - Chairman of the Business Council
Oleg Preksin, Member of the Board of the FBA EAC, Chairman of the FBA EAC International Banking Committee
Andrey Bespalov, Chairman of the FBA EAC Committee on Personnel Technologies and Qualifications
Alexey Bolbenkov, Chairman of the FBA EAC Committee on Energy Efficiency and Urban Infrastructure
Sergey Korotkov, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of FBA EAC, Director of the Center for International Industrial Cooperation of UNIDO in the Russian Federation
Yuri Fedorov, Chairman of the FBA EAC Committee on BAT (Best Available Technologies) and Investment Projects
As a result of the discussion, the participants of the meeting recognized the work of the Association as satisfactory, noting the significant dynamics in its development, and approved the main activities of the FBA EAC for 2022.
Further, Anatoly Tkachuk, President of the FBA EAC, invited the Meeting participants to move on to the issue of rotation in the governing bodies of the Association. As a result of which Aman Kopesov, Head of the secretariat of a Member of the Board (Minister) for Economics and Financial Policy of the EEC, was elected as a new member of the Board; Konstantin Epanchintsev, President of Axiom-BioPlast, replaced Yuri Fedorov the member of the Audit Commission.
Chairman of the Board of FBA EAC Alexander Murychev warmly thanked the President of the Association Anatoly Tkachuk for his work in this post in connection with his departure for health reasons. Alexander Kotlyarsky, the First Vice-President of the Association, was assigned to temporarily act as President of the FBA EAC.
Then the question of changing the legal address of the Association was put to the vote. The meeting decided that it should match the actual address.
It was unanimously decided to appoint an audit company LLC "Unified Audit Center", a member of the SRO NP "Moscow Audit Chamber", for the purpose of auditing the activities of the Association.
Also, the members of the Association, as a result of the discussion of the draft final document of the General Meeting of the FBA EAC, decided to take it as a basis and, in a working manner, make proposals to it that were made during the meeting.
In conclusion, acting President of the FBA EAC Alexander Kotlyarsky warmly thanked the participants of the General Meeting, congratulated the women present on the upcoming International Day on March 8 and expressed confidence that 2022 will be even more successful for the Association.