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» » The Integration Forum was held on November 30

The Integration Forum was held on November 30

eaes.jpgOn November 30, 2021, the Integration Forum "Contribution of the EAEU business to the implementation of Strategic directions for the development of Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025: internal and external dimensions" was held in a combined format.
RSPP organized the forum as part of the Russian Business Week.
The participants of the event discussed the prospects and opportunities opening up at the next stage of the development of the EAEU, considered approaches to complement the priorities and practices of integration, shared their vision regarding mechanisms for ensuring the interests of business in integration processes.
During the discussion of the issues raised, the forum participants stated that the EAEU market is of great importance for Russian business, and therefore the expansion of trade, economic and investment cooperation with the EAEU countries is an absolute priority of the Russian business community. In this regard, it is particularly important to ensure the comprehensive nature of cooperation and integration. This, in turn, requires adequate consideration not only of the objective state of things in Eurasian integration, but also of key international trends and their impact on the dynamics of cooperation both within the EAEU and on relations with third countries. The result should be an increase in the international influence and competitiveness of the Union and its member States, as well as a steady increase in the welfare of their peoples and business success.
 Мупычев111.jpg Participants on behalf of FBA EAC:

- Chairman of the Board of FBA EAC, Vice-President of the RSPP Alexander Murychev


- General Director of FBA EAC Oleg Berezovoy


- Member of the Board of FBA EAC, Vice President of the Association of Russian Banks Oleg Preksin