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» » The sixth International Labor Forum on March 14-18

The sixth International Labor Forum on March 14-18


On March 14-18, 2022, Expoforum hosted the VI St. Petersburg International Labor Forum, a key platform in Russia for discussing complex issues of the formation of the modern labor market and human development, finding ways to overcome current and future problems.
The Forum touched upon a wide range of issues and changes in the labor market, the quality of training, the use of new forms of employment, education, its standards and qualifications. A number of employment market problems were identified:
- job cuts (from 78.4 million in 2015 to 76.2 million in 2020);
- growing shortage of skilled workers;
- low labor productivity (40% lower than in the USA) and disinterest of entrepreneurs in the modernization of fixed assets;
- high bureaucratization of labor legislation.
  The pandemic and the current political and economic conditions limit the mobility of labor resources. Participants from Russia and CIS countries at a special section discussed the practices of regulating migration processes, outlined approaches to supporting the economy. The format of multilateral partnership for the creation of joint educational and production clusters, basic departments, laboratories, research centers and institutes aimed at qualitative replacement of the market of specialists aroused interest.

Chairman of the Committee on Personnel Technologies and Qualifications Andrey Bespalov took part in the forum on behalf of the FBA EAC, in his speech he emphasized that wage labor has economic potential despite various forms of employment.