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Working meeting with Mongolian business

In November, 2018 the Mongolian Banking Association became a member of FBA EAC thus creating a platform for the business and banking society of the Republic of Mongolia to represent the interests of different sectors of economy of the republic and to improve cooperation processes of the Eurasian economic space.

Proceeding with business ties development on November 5, 2019 a meeting was held in FBA EAC headquarters with the representatives of Mongolian business. The management of the holding Nuudelchin group ХХК was represented by the Director of mining and investments Lamjav Boldbaatar. He informed that today the holding is ready to represent the interest of its producers on the Eurasian space.

B.Lamjav also spoke about the history of the holding establishment and its main focus areas which include the production of heat boilers, gold mining, extraction and food industry, agricultural engineering, intensive cattle breeding etc. Currently Nuudelchin group ХХК is the leading national production company in Mongolia.

With the aim to enhance the cooperation with FBA EAC the management of the holding suggested a road map including the following projects: attraction of investments and innovation technologies into the gold-mining sector of Mongolia, construction of jewelry production factory. The Mongolian side is also interested in the supplies of Mongolian meat to Russia and the organization pasta production from the Russian flour on the territory of Mongolia.

FBA EAC General Director Oleg Berezovoy confirmed the strive of the Association management for  a full-scale cooperation with Nuudelchin group ХХК and offered to add some long-term projects to the road map and to enhance the cooperation geography to the territory of the countries-members to FBA EAC with the aim to contribute to the mutual cooperation.


The Director of mining Lamjav Boldbaatar FBA EAC General Director Oleg Berezovoy confirmed the deal with a hand-shake.