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XVI Russian national banking conference

March 21, 2014 in “President Hotel” was held XVI Russian national banking conference, which was organized by the Association of Regional Banks of Russia. The conference topic: “The banking system 2014: a mega-regulator and financial market participants interaction. 

Topical issues of the Russian financial sector development were discussed on the conference. Among the main topics: current risks and market development scenarios, possible case scenarios development in the financial markets, modern mechanisms of interaction between Bank of Russia and market entities, credit market prospects, problems and tasks in infrastructure improvement area.

Particular attention was paid to the basic activity principles, current policies and standards of the Bank of Russia as a mega-regulator of the financial sector, risk management in commercial banks and non-credit financial institutions.

During the discussions, the participants exchanged their opinions about current Russian banking system situation and problems of improving financial stability of credit institutions.

The conference speakers were counsellor to the president of the Russian Federation Sergei Glazyev, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, Director of banking regulation division of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev, Director of the insurance market division of the Bank of Russia Igor Zhuk, other representatives of federal ministries and agencies, professional unions and associations, expert and banking communities.

The conference was attended by heads of Government, federal authorities of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, members of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation and deputies of the State Duma, representatives of international financial institutions and representatives of different Russian regional financial institutions.

Financial and Banking Association of countries-members of the Cooperation of Shanghai was represented by General Director Oleg Berezovoy and counsellor Svetlana Kiiatkina who held negotiations with financial institutions on possible cooperation.

This post is also available in Russian: XVI Всероссийская банковская конференция