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30-th anniversary BACEE banking conference

April 13, 2015. General Director of FBA CS Berezovoy Oleg participated in the work of the 30th anniversary BACEE banking conference (the Banking Association of Central and Eastern Europe — was founded in 1996 to broaden and strengthen business ties between banks-members of Association and financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe).

The conference was opened by Dr. Sandor Patyi, Chairman of BACEE, member of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director Banka Slovensko. During the conference were widely discussed economic prospects and financial risks in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In a casual lively atmosphere, the participants exchanged their experience in the development of banking services. Were sounded interesting proposals regarding corporate governance and transparency of the banking sector in the new economic conditions. Based on the discussion, reviewed presentations, were developed not only General recommendations and proposed individual decision on a financial strategy for certain BACEE members.

General Director of FBA CS Berezovoy Oleg (pictured left) presented the Secretary-General BACEE Istvan Lengyel (pictured right) commemorative diploma with wishes in the future, to move from success to success, conquering new professional heights.

In the official part of the conference Berezovoy Oleg was awarded a diploma for the fruitful partnership between FBA CS and BACEE.

This post is also available in Russian: 30-ая, юбилейная банковская конференция BACEE