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New stages of development FBA CMCS

As the part of the development of partnership relations of the Financial and banking Association of the participating countries of the Shanghai Cooperation on 13 August 2014 in Tashkent of (Uzbekistan), a meeting was held by the General Director of FBA Berezovoy Oleg Vladimirovich with the Director General of the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan Abdullayev Saidullo Parhodbekovichem.Representing the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan, Abdullaev S.P. talked about the fact that organizations have recently turned 19 years old. In its activities closely with the Central Bank, government agencies of the country, has been actively involved in the drafting, as well as participating in government programs for the reform and development of the banking system. Over the years, the Association has undertaken a number of steps to improve the work of the Association and its infrastructure. A number of companies that provide new types of services to commercial banks were created, the establishment of the Association are open in different regions of the country. A continuous system of training, retraining and advanced training of executives and specialists banking profile is established. All the activities of the Association is aimed at ensuring fair competition between banks and trust of the population of Uzbekistan to the banking community, strengthening the position of commercial banks on the financial market of Uzbekistan, increase their financial stability and the level of capitalization. In turn, Berezovoy OV reported on the activities and plans of FBA CS and also presented a congratulatory address on the occasion of the birthday of the Banking Association of Uzbekistan. The meeting in Tashkent of leaders of the Association was held in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Berezovoy Oleg Vladimirovich and Abdullaev Saydullo Parhodbekovich discussed issues of mutual interest, identified long-term plans of mutually beneficial cooperation, and expressed confidence that this meeting will contribute to the further progressive development of both Associations for the financial and banking in the SCO area.

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